Investigation on Over-Sulfur Phosphogypsum-Ground Granulate Blast-Furnace Slag Cement Paste and Concrete


Zhijiang Lv;ZongShou Lin;Haojie Wang;Jinlong Hu;


<正>This study investigated a new type of cementitious material(over-sulfur phosphogypsum(PG)-ground granulate blast-furnace slag(GGBFS) cement paste) by utilizing ground granulated blast-furnace slag,Portland cement clinker(PCC),additive, water and modificated phosphogypsum paste,produced by milling phosphogypsum mixed with a certain proportion of steel slag(SS),ground granulated blast-furnace slag and water.With phosphogypsum not requiring dried,it could save large quantities energy during the manufacturing operation.The cement had a good performance of normal setting time,high volume stability and high strength Further more,the C30,C40 concrete produced with the cement paste could be found to have high liquidity.XRD and SEM analyses showed that the main hydration products of the cement were ettringite and C-S-H gel.Steel slag in the cement paste acted as an alkalinity activator.


Modificated phosphogypsum paste;;Steel slag;;hydration product


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