Research on the Performance of Steel Slag Sand Dry-mixed Plaster


Li Wan;Wangui Gan;Wei Wang;Kongjin Zhou;


<正>With the rapid development of China infrastructure construction and wide awareness about environmental protection,the natural river sand resources have been fewer and fewer,so how to use the slag as a fine aggregate in dry-mixed mortar has become a research focus now.In order to make full use of steel slag resource,in this article,how to use the steel slag sand for wall plaster with good performance and to realize the purpose of high value-added use of the slag have been studied.The mechanical properties of steel slag sand dry-mixed plaster and river sand dry-mixed plaster have been mainly researched.Through the analysis of properties,the paper is to demonstrate the possible use of slag sand for dry-mixed plaster.The results show that the mechanical properties of steel slag sand dry-mixed mortar and river sand dry-mixed mortar have similar regularity while the difference is little.By adjusting the raw materials,steel slag dry-mixed plaster can be prepared to conform to the physical application.


steel slag sand;;plaster;;design strength;;mechanical properties


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