Preparation and Cost Analysis of Steel Slag Sand Thin Masonry Mortar


Wei Wang;Wangui Gan;Qinglin Zhao;Tao Yuan;Li Wan;


<正>Steel slag sand thin masonry mortar can be prepared by steel slag sand when the range of particle size is 0-0.6mm,1%redispersible latex powder and 0.1%cellulose ether with 100000mPa.s viscosity.The research has showed that:in condition of the same strength, volume and performance,steel slag mortar consumes more cement than river sand mortar,but lower amount of additive.What's more,frost resistance is belter than river sand mortar.In addition,compared with river sand mortar,steel slag sand mortar cost lower and has a brighter market prospect.


steel slag sand;;thin-layer masonry mortar;;mix design;;cost analysis


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