Research on the Physicochemical Properties of C_3S With Ball Milling


Ming Zhu;Shuguang Hu;Qinjun Ding;


<正>The authors used the laser granularity survey technology,X-ray powder diffraction, scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and infrared spectrum analysis methods, mechanochemical effect and hydration activity of C_3S under the high energy ball milling junction were investigated The results showed that the mecharKKhemical effect not only resulted in fast reduction of C3S pellets,reducing crystal grain,increasing micro strain and the Debye-waller effective Beff parameters,but also resulted in the breakdown and reorganization of the Si-0 bond,the enhancement of the vibration energy,the disorder of crystal and leading the enhancement of mineral hydration activity.


tricalcium silicate;;mechanochemical effect;;crystal microscopic structure;;hydration activity


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