Research On the Hydration Kinetics Process of the Cement Complex with Fly Ash,Slag and Silica Fume


Ming Zhu;Lian Tan;Shuguang Hu;Qinjun Ding;


<正>Using the calorimetry,X-ray diffraction(XRD) and scanning electron microscopy(SEM) on the mixed double mixing material of cement hydration heat release characteristics of hydration products and microstructure analysis.The results show that the system eventually puts the heat with the increase of water cement ratio greatly increased after the first decreases,and the different water-cement ratio on the three system's influence on the half-life is small;Hydration reaction of different doped system,to simulate the process of the system,most of all directly controlled by the nuclealion and ciystal growth process into a diffusion controlled process;different temperatures,water cement ratio and mineral content can affect the hydration process.


cement-based materials;;hydration process;;dynamics;;hydration model


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