Water Resistance Rapid Assessment System for Magnesium Oxychloride Cement Based on Measuring the High-Temperature Erosion Thickness


Ying Li;Hongfa Yu;


<正>The paper presented a water resistance rapid assessment system(WRRAS) for Magnesium Oxychloride Cement(MOC) aiming to improve the problems of time-consuming operation(28 d) and expensive equipment in the current methods.The relationships between erosion thickness and leaching time,strength retention and relative erosion thickness for MOC in water were analyzed,and the Arrhenius equation was discussed as well as four strength degradation stages were divided.Then,WRRAS for MOC was introduced based on high-temperature erosion thickness in water.The accuracy and error sources of the evaluation results were analyzed combining with examples.The results showed that the experimental time of qualitative evaluation for water resistance was 10 hours,while it could be shortened to 24 hours for semi-quantitative and quantitative evaluation.The predicted strength degradation stage of MOC in water consisted with the experimental results,and the maximum relative error of predicted strength retention was -17.37%.The thermostatic,cutting,and measuring device(namely thermostatic water bath,blade,and vernier caliper) were substituted strength testing machine in WRRAS.The WRRAS was proved to be a fast operation and reliable method with simple device and accurate results. Originality 1.According to the strength decrease rate of magnesium oxychloride cement(MOC) in water,it is the first time to divide MOC's strength degenerating into four stages: stable stage,sharp decrease stage,slow decrease stage,and residual strength stage. 2.The erosion thickness of MOC in water is proportional to the leaching time,while the slope is the erosion rate of MOC which relates to temperature and water resistance. 3.The strength retention of MOC in water relates to relative erosion thickness no matter with specimen size and water temperature. 4.The water resistance rapid assessment system(WRRAS) for MOC was proposed based on the erosion thickness at high-temperature in water.The erosion rate at low temperature of MOC was converted from Arrhenius equation.


water resistance;;evaluation method;;strength retention;;erosion rate;;strength degradation stage


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