Hydrothermal Synthesis of High Strength Hardened Calcium Silicate Samples Using Fly Ash


Taku Sanda;Hiro Otsuka;Junichi Otaku;Etsuo Sakai;


<正>The effect of substituting fly ash for silica fume used as raw material in the hydrothermal synthesis of hardened calcium silicate hydrate material with low water to power ratio was investigated.Fly ash with a Blaine value of 3000 to 4000 was used,which is considered to be easily obtainable.By replacing about 25%of the silica fume with fly ash,hardened samples were obtained in which the strength and pore structure were unchanged,but thqt had advantages from the aspect of tobermorite generation.However, when the replacement percentage was higher than 25%,there were difficulties from the aspect of tobermorite generation and strength,a result which is different from that for fly ash with a fineness of around 1500,which has already been reported.


Hydrothermal reactions;;fly ash;;tobermorite;;low water to power ratio


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