Experimental Study on Formwork Pressure Exerted by Self-Compacting Concrete


Zhouhai Xue;Yanhua Ye;Rui Sun;Jie Xu;


<正>In this study,an experiment was taken to simulate the self-compacting concrete(SCC) formwork pressure over time by varying the casting rate and formwork width.In order to apply SCC to Double-Wall Precast Concrete(DWPC) shear wall structure,lateral pressure exerted by SCC must be studied to avoid mold expanding.Formwork pressure was measured while SCC was poured in the DWPC shear wall.The study shows that the initial formwork pressure rises with the increase in the rate of casting.The higher the casting rate is,the longer time the formwork pressure falling lasts.The maximum pressure and the rate of pressure dropping have no relationship to formwork width. Originality Formwork pressure is related to the mixture consistency,admixture type and content, cement viscosity,concrete yield stress,temperature,form size and shape, consolidation,the depth of the concrete placement,etc.Most of the existing researches about the factors mentioned above on formwork pressure are simulated with PVC or steel cylinder.It is not the appropriate measurement methods in practical engineering, in which boundary conditions are not properly reflected.In this test,SCC was poured into real model of precast wall to simulate the pressure over time.So the way of using precast wall as formwork is the originality.


self-compacting concrete;;Double-Wall Precast Concrete;;shear wall;;casting rate;;formwork width


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