Self-Consolidating Concrete and Its Use in Double-Wall Precast Concrete Shear Wall


Rui Sun;Yanhua Ye;Zhouhai Xue;Shihao Zhang;


<正>This paper presents the experimental tests on working performance of self-consolidating concrete(SCC) influenced by raw material in Jiangsu province to study SCC and its use in double-wall precast concrete shear wall(DWPC).The prepared SCC was later used in practical engineering.Present work also describes the experiments on two DWPC walls casting with SCC and two with normal concrete(NC) under cyclic load,and the results are compared.The findings indicate that precast walls with SCC cast in cavity are free from cracks,deviation and connect well with steel bar truss;The failure mode for DWPC wall casting with SCC and NC is similar,so as to hysteretic curve,energy dissipation capacity and stiffness degradation;DWPC wall casting with SCC has higher ductility coefficient than that of DWPC casting with NC. Originality DWPC shear wall is semi-prefabricated structural unit which combines the advantages of prefabricated and full cast-in-site construction.Not considering the seismic design before introduced into China,domestic universities tried to improve DWPC structure to meet the seismic requirements.Though the seismic behavior was improved,problems like cracks,steel bar truss pulled out of concrete and wall deviation are still unavoidable when vibrating.The authors are going to replace normal concrete(NC) with SCC in the cavity to solve the above problems,which is the first originality. The paper presents an experimental study on DWPC casting with SCC and NC under cyclic loading to study the differences of structural behavior,focusing on failure mode, energy dissipation,ductility and stiffness,which is the second originality.


self-consolidating concrete;;double-wall precast concrete;;shear wall;;working performance;;seismic behavior


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