Effect of Fine Rubber Particles on Mechanical Properties of Engineered Cementitious Composite


Zhitao Chen;Yingzi Yang;Yan Yao;


<正>The mechanical properties of fine rubber particles modified engineered cementitious composite(ECC) are investigated in this paper.The fine rubber particles are introduced into ECC as an additive at three contents(1%,5%and 9%by volume) to improve ECC's performances.The results show that the compressive strength decreases significantly and the flexural strength decreases slightly with the increase of fine rubber particles content.The fracture toughness by four-point bending test and tensile strain,at a certain extent,are improved with the increase of fine rubber particles dosage.The scanning electronic microscopy(SEM) observation has confirmed that the deterioration of strength and improvement of ductility are attributed to the change of microstructure of fiber-matrix interface and matrix of ECC modified fine rubber particles. Originality ECC is a class of unique cementitious composite with ultra high ductility and excellent durability.The matrix and fiber/matrix interface of ECC can be tailored by micro mechanical model to achieve the special properties for meeting different engineering applications.The modification and tailoring of ECC with fine rubber particles are rarely studied at present.In this research,the fine rubber particles were employed to tailor the matrix and fiber/matrix interface of ECC.Although the rubber particles had an adverse effect on the mechanical performances of cementitious composite,the fine rubber particles modified ECC can also maintain higher compressive and flexural strength.On the other hand,the fine rubber particles played an important role on improving the toughness and ductility of ECC.Both tensile strain and bending mid-span increased with the increase of fine rubber particles dosage.The rubber powder can make the ECC easy to achieve multiple cracking and steady state crack.The fine rubber particles maybe a ideal modifier for improving the performance of ECC.


ECC;;mechanical properties;;fine rubber particle;;SEM


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