Investigation on Micro Morphology of Low Waste/Cement Paste by Soft X-Ray Microscopy


Weiguo Shen;Hua Shi;Zhonghe Shui;Zhenghao Li;


<正>Soft X-ray microscopy using advances in nanotechnology to provide state-of-the-art Fresnel zone plate optics has now achieved a 15 nm spatial resolution,which makes it a powerful tool to study the microstructure of cement hydration in situ soft X-ray images possible by using the wet window.In this paper,a 1 year normally cured low water/cement ratio(0.25) cement paste was dispersed by ultrasonic mill in acetone,the centrifuged sample is observed with soft X-ray microscopy on the beam line of synchrotron of ALS(advanced light source at Lawrence national laboratory Berkeley), the bulk,foil,particles and needle like products are found by soft x-ray microscopy,it indicated the acetone can disjoint the low water/cement ratio paste effectively,low water/cement ratio cement paste was constructed with dense bulk like C-S-H and broken into very sharp edged particles,this brings about high strength of the cement paste,and a few ofC-S-H with foil and needles like morphologies were found also. Originality This paper present the low water/cement ratio paste morphology observed through Soft X-ray microscopy;dispersing effect of the acetone on the cement paste is assessed;It is found that the dense bulk of the product in low water/cement ratio paste contribute to its high strength.


soft X-ray microscopy;;low water/cement ratio paste;;C-S-H;;microstructure


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