Research on Electro-migrating Corrosion Inhibition in Concrete Based on Electrochemical Method


Hengjing Ba;Zongyu Liu;Jianfu Lv;Lina Zhou;Yingzi Yang;


<正>Both salt extraction method and corrosion inhibitors have their virtues and their faults. As a result,more and more researchers are focusing on the electro-migrating corrosion inhibition technology combing electrochemical salt extraction and corrosion inhibitors of the reinforcement(especially injecting inhibitors).In this paper,Self-corrosion potential,Linear Polarization Resistance(LPR) and Electrochemical impedance Spectroscopy(EIS) are discussed to analyze the effect of steel bars' electrochemical parameters in concrete with different mix proportions in the electrochemical injection of inhibitor tests.Meanwhile,salt extraction content is determined by turbidimetric method The results indicate that the bigger the W/B,the greater the effect of electro-migrating corrosion inhibition technology.The optimum W/B is 0.45 in reference concrete compared with fly ash concrete with the same W/B.In the test process,salt extraction content is related to not only magnitude of the applied voltage,but also W/B of concrete. In all types of concrete,the salt extraction continent of concrete only admixed with fly ash is the largest. Originality There is great imperceptibility in corrosion of the reinforcement embedded in concrete, because of which the exact diagnosis of corrosion critical point becomes challenging. From many years' effort,we have manufactured combined sensors including chloride ion and reference electrode.So the combined chloride ion sensor is the first originality. Besides,the critical chloride content in embedded,in-situ and real time corrosion of the reinforcement,ie.the passive film damage are discussed respectively.What's more,the correlation equation between potential response and negative log chloride ion concentration at different extent alkalinity solutions has been built and the slope range of the equation is 57%to 58%.The combined chloride ion sensor has taken on a long-term favorable stability through four years' practical application.So the practical application of the combined chloride ion sensor is the second originality.


corrosion of the reinforcement;;alcohol amine inhibitors;;electro-migrating corrosion inhibitors;;salt extraction;;electrochemical method


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