Influences of Mineral Admixtures on Chloride Ion Condensation in Pore Solution of Cement-Based Materials


Xiang Hu;Caijun Shi;Qingling Li;Zongxu He;Wen He;Kuixi Lv;


<正>Chloride ion condensation index of hardened cement paste exposed to sodium chloride solutions with different concentrations were determined by pore solution expression. The influence of mineral admixtures content on chloride ion condensation index in pore solution of concrete was investigated.The results showed that the chloride ion condensation decreased with mineral admixtures content.The condensation index of specimens with mineral admixtures is lower than that without mineral admixtures, except with 20%slag replacement after 91 days of soaking.The chloride ion adsorption has a close relationship with C-S-H gel.Ca(OH)_2 content and calcium-to-silica ratio of CSH in hardened cement pastes. Originality Reinforcement corrosion is the main factor on deterioration of concrete structure,in which chloride-induced corrosion accounted for most of it.Free chloride ions in pore solution are responsible for the corrosion of reinforcement steel.And chloride ion condensation has some influences on concentration of free chloride ions in pore solution, decrease the chloride ion concentration and delay the time of chloride ion transport through pore solution to the surface of steel.The research on chloride ion condensation of pore solution in cement base materials is first originality. Mineral admixtures are a by-product of industrial production,the addition of mineral admixtures in concrete can reduce the consumption of cement,which will lower the cost of construction.And mineral admixtures can improve the mechanism properties and durability of concrete.It can be imagined that there will be more mineral admixtures in future concrete.So,the study of influences of mineral admixtures on chloride ion condensation is the second originality.


cement-based materials;;mineral admixtures;;chloride ion condensation;;pore solution expression


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