Influencing Factors and New Developments of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer


Chen Si;Zhuge Yan;Deping Xu;


<正>This paper presents a discussion of factors affecting the performance of fly ash based geopolymer,and some recent innovationson fly ash based geopolymer.The characteristics of fly ash based geopolymer are discussed in terms of the effects of raw material selection,alkaline activators,and curing procedures.Solid wastes which are rich in Si and Al in amorphous form and fly ash will be used in future to produce low cost and environmentally beneficial geopolymer,besides common raw materials used in geopolymerization.Microwave radiation technique in curing period contributes to the dissolution of fly ash in the alkaline solution,and can be used in curing procedures to shorten the curing time. Nowadays,researchers have used geopolymer as a cementitious material to develop innovative geopolymer materials,such as porous,fibre reinforced and foam fly ash based geopolymer concrete,which are greener than the traditional cementitious material.The high-calcium fly ashes could be used to produce porous fly ash based geopolymer composites with satisfactory mechanical properties.The addition of fibres increases greatly the ductility of geopolymer.Foam can be added to the geopolym eric mixture to produce lightweight concrete.However,the manufacturing of fly ash-based geopolymerfoam concrete has not been explored too much. Originality There is only limited literature review on fly ash based geopolymers.An attempt is therefore made in this paper to discuss the factors affection the performance of fly ash based geopolymer,a valid step toward the development of innovative fly ash based geopolymer.


fly ash;;solid wastes;;lightweight geopolymer;;fibre reinforced;;porous geopolymer


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