Preparation of Supported Mn-Ce/Tio_2 Catalyst and Its NO Removal Activity at Low Temperatures


Jingrui Fang;Yanxia Wu;Benxi Lei;Lan Wang;


<正>Mn-Ce/TiO_2 catalyst was prepared by a simple impregnation process with shaped TiO_2 as supported material and the effect of preparation method,calcination conditions, loading amount of active components,and Mn/(Mn+Ce) molar ratio on its NO removal activity at low temperature were systematically studied.It was found that the crystallization of active components resulted from the increased calcination temperature would lead to the decline of catalytic activity.The Mn-Ce/TiO_2 catalyst obtained at 500℃and 600℃exhibited higher NO removal activity because of its amorphous active components.Moreover,the increase of loading amount of active components was beneficial to the improvement of catalytic activity.Meanwhile,Mn-content of as-prepared catalyst has a significant influence on its NO removal activity which reached a maximum when Mn/(Mn+Ce) molar ratio was equal to 40%or 85%.


supported catalyst;;low temperature SCR;;impregnation method;;Mn-Ce/TiO_2;;NO removal


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