Influences of Preparation Condition of Catalyst Support on the SCR Denitration Activity of Mn-Ce/TiO2


Yanxia Wu;Jingrui Fang;Benxi Lei;Lan Wang;Hongtao Kao;


<正>TiO_2 supports were prepared by using nanometer TiO_2 powder.In the preparation,a small amount of water was added to the powder.The mixture was mixed round,extruded to be a form of strip which undergo drying in the oven and calcining in the muffle.The effects of calcination temperature and calcination time in the preparation process were investigated.The characteristics of the carrier were determined by using X-ray diffraction(A'RD) and surface detection system(BET).The results showed that the strip TiO_2 carriers shaped by screw rod extruder was in the form of anatase which was advantageous to the load of the catalyst active component under the following conditions:drying temperature at 105℃,calcination temperature at 800℃,calcination time of 6 h.


TiO_2 support;;Mn-Ce/TiO_2;;NO removal;;calcination temperature;;calcination time


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