Effect of Heavy Metals on Structure and Morphology of C-S-H Gel


Jin Liu;Lan Wang;Hongtao Kao;Xin Wang;


<正>Heavy metals-doped C-S-H gel were synthesized using the alkali silicate and calcium salt solution reaction method according to the initial calcium silicon ratio 0.8,1.8.Phase,structure and morphology characteristic of C-S-H samples were analyzed by XRD,IR and SEM.The results showed diffraction peak intensity decreased while spectral peak width increased in low C/S C-S-H gel;however,Ca-Si key of silicon-oxide tetrahedron was destroyed,Ca' dissolved out from high C/S C-S-H gel and formed Ca(OH)_2;Si sites in silica tetrahedron structure of Pb-doped C-S-H gel changed in the way of Q2 stretching vibration shifted to lower wavemimber Q1 stretching vibration peak absorption intensity increased;Heavy metal ions can significantly change the morphology of low C/S C-S-H gel,and make high C/S C-S-H accumulating irregularly.


C-S-H gel;;heavy metal irons;;structure;;morphology


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