The Research on the Decomposing Kinetics of Calcium Carbonate under High Temperature and Suspension State


Junjie Wang;Bilan Yan;Lan Wang;Xun Xu;


<正>The decomposing kinetics of calcium carbonate under high temperature and suspension state was investigated in a one-dimension furnace.In terms of related integral equations,the reaction mechanism and kinetic parameters were obtained.The research results indicate that the decomposition process of calcium carbonate under suspension state is in according with one step random nucleation and growth mechanism,with apparent activation energy(Ea) 67.2kJ/mol and pre-exponential factor (A) 65.5s-1.Besides,the decomposition rate of calcium carbonate under suspension and accumulation state was calculated The research results show that the decomposing rate under suspension state is higher than accumulation state when the temperature is below 1035℃and vice versa.Considering the time for heating calcium carbonate under accumulation state,the decompose time under suspension state is much shorter than that of accumulation state.Under suspension state,11.11 seconds are enough for the fully decomposition at 950℃and 3.70 seconds at 1200℃.


calcium carbonate;;one-dimension furnace;;suspension state;;decomposing kinetics;;reaction rate


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