Incorporation Features of Cu~(2+)、Zn~(2+)、Cr~(6+)、Cd~(2+) and Pb~(4+) Ions on Cement Clinker


Yaojun Liu;Yue Wang;Lan Wang;Xin Wang;


<正>Through the preparation of pure cement clinker and cement clinkers doped with Cu~(2-)、Zn~(2-)、Cr~(6-)、Cd~(2-) and Pb~(4-) ions,we study the influence of Cu~(2-)、Zn~(2-)、Cr~(6-)、Cd~(2-) and Pb4 ions on the clinker property and the distributions of the heavy metals in the clinker using the chemical analysis testing method,XRD,petrographic analysis,EMPA etc.The results showed that doping heavy metals in the clinker may increase quality of intermediate phase,improve the burnability of raw material;After calcining,there are huge corrosion alite mineral in the clinker.The distribution of heavy metals has selectivity in the clinker.


heavy metal ion;;cement clinker;;the distribution of heavy metal


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