Study on the Critical Concentration of Chloride Ion for Rebar Corrosion in Concrete


Hengjing Ba;Lina Zhou;Meng Zhang;Yading Zhao;


<正>In this paper,the effect of water-binder ratio(W/B) and mineral admixtures on the critical concentration of chloride ion for rebar corrosion in concrete is investigated applying the method of accelerated penetration of chloride ion,by simulating the Ct intrusion in reinforced concrete structure in laboratory.Three monitoring methods are conducted to determine the rebar corrosion in concrete,which are linear polarization, anode polarization curves and free corrosion potential.Meanwhile,the relationship between the potential of Ct sensor and Ct concentration,named Nernst response equation,is built for concrete with different W/B and mineral admixtures,by pre-embedded self-made Ct sensor into concrete.The experimental results show that the critical Ct concentration for rebar corrosion in concrete become lower as W/B is higher. Incorporating mineral admixtures in concrete can decrease the critical Ct concentration in concrete.The self-designed sensor has a good Nernstian response characteristic.W/B and mineral admixtures hardly effect the response equation of the Ct sensor. Additionally,for concrete with different mineral admixtures and different replacement levels,the Ct sensors are suitable for the same fitting equation:y=126.8x+80.8. Originality That the self-made reference electrode and self-made Ag/Agcl chloride ion sensor in all solid state embed in concrete can achieve real time and in-situ measurement on the chloride concentration in concrete is first originality. The relationship between the potential of chloride ion sensor and critic chloride concentration for rebar corrosion,named Nernst response equation was built for concrete with different W/B and mineral admixtures,by pre-embedded self-made Ct sensor into concrete..The results indicated that the fitting equation was fully in accordance with the Nernst equation.The Nernst response equation,namely y=126.8x+80.8,is second originality.


concrete;;rebar corrosion;;critical concentration of chloride ion;;sensor potenti


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