Influence of Sewage Sludge on the Formation and Microstructure of Portland Cement Clinker


Zhiyong Wang;Wensheng Zhang;Jiayuan Ye;Chunli Wu;


<正>The formation process,mineral composition and microtexture of clinker prepared by raw meals incorporating various of sewage sludge were investigated by DSC,XRD,IR, Optical Microscopy et al.The burnability and DSC curves of raw meals indicates that the clinkerization process and lime combination effects slightly by the sewage sludge, especially when sewage sludge substitution rate in raw meals under 15%.With sewage sludge substitution rate in raw meal increasing,alite in clinker decreasing and belite increasing,and crystal size of both alite and belite increasing.The variety of mineral composition and microtexture of clinker composed minerals with different sewage sludge content may corresponding to the minor constituent such as PO_4~(3-) carried by sewage sludge.


sewage sludge;;Portland cement clinker;;formation;;microstructure


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