Study on Properties of Iron Ore Tailing Using Magnetic Separation as Cement Admixture


Chunli Wu;Wensheng Zhang;Jiayuan Ye;Zhiyong Wang;


<正>Iron ore tailing using magnetic separation used as an admixture of cement was studied. The results show that the doping of iron ore tailing will affect water demand for normal consistency,fluidity of mortar and strength of cement.The early strength of sample with iron ore tailing is similar to sample with fly ash or slag(same dosage) when the mass fraction(the same below) is below 20%,But the later strength is lower.When the dosage is higher than 20%,removing carbon by burning or filtering will make fluidity better, however which will have little influence on the later strength of sample.


Iron ore tailing;;Magnetic Separation;;Cement Admixture


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