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<正>In sintering process,there being a range of optimal moisture content of sinter mixture for efficient production,workers and engineers are trying hard to control water—feed and keep the moisture content in sintering mixture within the optimal range.While the work of water—feed is a complex industral one with multivariable,close coupling,nonliner,and long delay.In this paper,Knowledge —based Expert Control System for Water—feed Process in Sintering,KEW in short,is presented. The important character of KEW is that it is a on—line real—time expert system and can operate with responsability as the process changes remarkblely. KEW,which be designed to be suitable for water—feed in sintering,was mounted and applied in a sinter plant,running successfully,from the summer of last year ,and has achieved good result.


Knowledge—dased;;Expert System;;Sintering Process;;Moisture Content


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