How will industrial policies affect performance of export enterprises: taking export processing zones as an example


HU Haoran


School of Economics, Nankai University


This paper uses the customs data, industrial enterprise data, and development zone data to study the impact of establishing the export processing zones on the productivity and export of enterprises by the difference-in-difference method. This study shows that: (1) The establishment of development zones can significantly promote the export of local enterprises, but it has an inhibitory effect on enterprise productivity. (2) The spillover effect of industrial policies is indirectly proved for the impact of industrial policies on processing trade enterprises and general trade enterprises is the same. (3) The policy is effective only in the eastern region, and is manifested in promoting the export of local enterprises. (4) Industrial policies can promote the export of foreign-invested enterprises, but its effect on private and state-owned enterprises is not obvious. Therefore, in order to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, we should pay attention to regional differences and the development of private enterprises.


export processing zone;policy spillover effect;processing trade;regional differences;foreign-invested enterprises


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