Does discovery opportunity and creation opportunity transform into each other?


CAI Li;LU Xifeng;SHAN Biaoan;YU Haijing


School of Management, Jilin University;College of Accounting, Jilin University of Finance and Economics;School of Management, Jilin University;Entrepreneurship Research Center, Jilin University


As central elements of entrepreneurship, discovery opportunity and creation opportunity have gained extensive attention. Recently, the transformation between these two different types of opportunity has become frontier issue. However, the current research on this issue is still in an exploratory stage. Existing research concerned more about the role of entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial process and ignored the effects of other stakeholders. Consequently, this study utilizes the RBV, stakeholder theory and organizational learning theory to construct the transformation model between discovery opportunity and creation opportunity and analyzes the effect of multi-actor in the transformation process. Based on theoretical analysis and the case study of Alipay and Yu’e Bao, we propose that multi-actors who participate in the opportunity development process contributes to creating set of opportunities, and the creation and expansion of set of opportunities realizes the transformation between the two types of opportunity. Therefore, we reveal the transformation mechanism between these two types of opportunity based on multi-actor perspective.


discovery opportunity;creation opportunity;multi-actors;set of opportunities;transformation mechanism


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