Initiation and perception: the role of issue marketing in collaborative innovation


DENG Chunping;SONG Qi;MAO Jiye;YIN Shaorong


Business School of Beijing Technology and Business University;Business School of Beijing Technology and Business University;School of Business of Renmin University of China;Shenzhen Lianheng Zhiyun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


In the context of open innovation and global competition, the competition for innovation resources of collaborative partners is increasingly fierce. As an important way to influence resource owners’ attention allocation and decision-making, issue marketing is an effective way to promote the supplier’s deep participation in collaborative innovation. Based on a paired sample of 279 projects, this paper discusses the impact of the supplier’s perception of issue marketing perception on the suppliers’ job involvement and project performance, the impact of consistency and difference of issue marketing initiation by the customer and issue marketing perception by the supplier on project performance, and the antecedent variables of perception of issue marketing and the regulatory variables of the marketing effect. Through research, it is found that when initiation and perception are consistent, there is an inverted U-shaped relationship between issue marketing and project performance; project performance has an inverted U-shaped relationship with the difference between initiation and perception, and project performance decreases with the increase of perception difference. In addition, the customer’s high risk-taking helps strengthen the positive impact of issue marketing perception on job involvement. When the supplier is less dependent on the customer, the positive impact of perception on project performance is more significant. In fact, issue marketing perception, affected by knowledge sharing and the transactional psychological contract of the customer, has nothing to do with supplier development. Thus, this paper also expands the study of collaborative innovation from the perspective of issue marketing.


collaborative innovation;issue marketing;supplier involvement;job involvement;project performance


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