Clinkering Process and Microstructure Research on Alite-Sulfoaluminate Portland Cement Clinker


S. H. Guo*, S. W. Qin, X. Y. Zhu, Y. M. Chen China Building Materials Academy, Guanzhuang Dongli, Chaoyang district, Beijing 100024, China


Clinkering process and basic microstructure of Alite-sulfoaluminate Portland cement clinker had been studied. The result showed that Alite-sulfoaluminate Portland clinker can be clinkered at 1280~1320℃. As well as C3S, β-C2S, C 4 A3S and C4AF formed, there will be some other minerals such as C3A, α′-C2S, CaSO4 and C11A7.CaF2 formed in the clinker and the amount of Alite formed actually in the clinker will be much lower than that designed. During the burning, C 4 A3S can be formed below 1200℃ and the formation of C3S can be nearly complete at 1300℃. The temperature of liquid emerged at a great mass is about 1250℃. When the burning temperature is higher than 1250℃, C 4 A3S will decompose remarkably which is related to the volatilization of SO3. The emerging of liquid in the burning will accelerate volatilization of SO3. In this kind of clinker, Alite crystals are with relatively large sizes and there are many inclusions of not only Belite crystals but also Alite in it. Crystals of C 4 A3S emerged as a kind of greyish particles with hexangular or short pillar shape. Crystals of C 4 A3S has a low Al2O3 content and a high Fe2O3 content, which indicated that C 4 (A ,F)3 S has been formed actually in the clinker.


Alite-sulfoaluminate Portland cement clinker, clinkering process, microstructure.


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