The Manufacture and Properties of Low Heat Portland Cement


H.L. Xu1, Y.H. Hou1, A.P. Qin1*, D.S. Liu1, S.S. Liu1 T.B. Sui2, Z.J, Wen2, J. Wang2, L. Fan2 1).Shimen special cement Ltd. Co, Xinguan town, Shimen County, Hunan province, 415302, China 2).China Building Materials Academy, No.1, Guangzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100024, China


The Difference of Manufacture and Control Process Between Low Heat Portland Cement and Medium Heat Portland Cement is introduced; low heat Portland cement has the properties of lower hydration heat, high abrasion resistance, low dry shrinkage, and good sulfate-corrosion resistance, the low heat Portland cement is the ideal cementing materials for both large size concrete or dam; the application used in three Gorges project indicate that the low heat Portland cement offer a new way to solve the crack problem caused by temperature stress in large size concrete.


low heat Portland cement; Manufacture; properties; application.


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