Sustainable Development through the Prevention of Alkali-aggregate Reaction in Concrete


Benoit Fournier;


Alkali-aggregate reactions (AAR), deleterious chemical reactions that can induce premature distress in concrete structures, have resulted in billions of dollars of unexpected or premature repair of concrete infrastructure worldwide. Laboratory investigations and field surveys have shown that alkali-silica reactive aggregates can be used in concrete provided adequate preventive measures are taken. The latter can be selected from the following possibilities: (1), limit the alkali content in the concrete to a selected/safe level; and/or (2), use of effective supplementary cementing materials (e.g. fly ash, slag, silica fume, natural pozzolans, etc.) and/or chemical admixtures (e.g. lithium-based admixtures) in sufficient amounts.


Alkali-aggregate reactions, alkali-silica reaction, preventive measures, reactive aggregates.


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