Nonlinear buckling and postbuckling behavior of cylindrical shear deformable nanoshells subjected to radial compression including surface free energy effects


S.Sahmani;M.M.Aghdam;M.Bahrami;Department of Mechanical Engineering,Amirkabir University of Technology;


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Amirkabir University of Technology;


The objective of the present investigation is to predict the nonlinear buckling and postbuckling characteristics of cylindrical shear deformable nanoshells with and without initial imperfection under hydrostatic pressure load in the presence of surface free energy effects.To this end, Gurtin-Murdoch elasticity theory is implemented into the irst-order shear deformation shell theory to develop a size-dependent shell model which has an excellent capability to take surface free energy effects into account. A linear variation through the shell thickness is assumed for the normal stress component of the bulk to satisfy the equilibrium conditions on the surfaces of nanoshell. On the basis of variational approach and using von Karman-Donnell-type of kinematic nonlinearity, the non-classical governing differential equations are derived. Then a boundary layer theory of shell buckling is employed incorporating the effects of surface free energy in conjunction with nonlinear prebuckling deformations, large delections in the postbuckling domain and initial geometric imperfection. Finally, an eficient solution methodology based on a two-stepped singular perturbation technique is put into use in order to obtain the critical buckling loads and postbuckling equilibrium paths corresponding to various geometric parameters. It is demonstrated that the surface free energy effects cause increases in both the critical buckling pressure and critical end-shortening of a nanoshell made of silicon.


Nanoscale structures;;Size effect;;Nonlinear buckling;;Surface free energy;;Boundary layer theory


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