Criticality Safety Evaluation for 30B and 48X UF_6 Cylinders for Transportation and Storage


MOKHATRI Homami-zahra;NEMATOLLAHI Mohammadreza;KAMYAB Shahabeddin;


<正>30B and 48X cylinders are two standard containers have been used for transportation and storage of uranium hexafluoride with 21/2-ton and 10-ton loading capacity,respectively.For the sake of nuclear safety,the long-term safe storage and transportation of the cylinders are necessary to be concerned.Safe limits in handling and storage of 30B and 48X cylinders from the criticality safety considerations,has been investigated in this paper,by using the MCNP.4C code with ENDF/B-Ⅵlibrary data for the neutron cross sections. An infinite array model(with and without over pack) incorporating an internal H/U ratio of 0.088 was then developed to determine the optimal interstitial moderation. The maximum k_(eff) value for the conditions of optimal interstitial moderation with the premise of no water leakage into the UF_6 cylinder has been shown to be 0.79209±0.0011 for the 30B cylinder and 0.7625±0.0013 for 48X cylinder with 5 wt%~(235)U enrichment. Based on this evaluation,the 30B and 48X UF_6 cylinders with 5 wt%~(235)U enrichment meet the 10 CFR part 71 criteria for Fissile Class I packages,even in the worst case,and has a Transport Index(TI) of zero for criticality safety purposes.


Criticality;;UF_6 Cylinders;;Moderation;;Multiplication Factor;;Transport Index


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