Study on Combustion Characteristics and Dynamics of Biodiesel


WANG Jun,WANG Zhangxia,CHEN Mingqiang,LIU Shaomin,CHEN Minggong,QI Xueyi,HU Wei,RUAN Juan,CHEN Erwang,HE Guosong,JING Bo (School of Chemical Engineering,Anhui University of Science and Technology,Huainan 232001,China)


The biodiesel was synthesized from soybean oil using dolomite as catalyst.Its combustion characteristics were analyzed in the air atmosphere.Biodiesel combustion process is divided into three basic stages corresponding to the loss of water,the biodiesel evaporation (weight loss is very low) and the biodiesel combustion (weight loss rate of 95% or more) and the residue carbon from incomplete combustion continued to be oxidized.With the increase of heating rate,TG and DTG curves and the exothermic peak moved to the high temperature zone.With the increase of air velocity,burning occurred more easily.The methods of FWO and Popescu were used to calculate the kinetic parameters of combustion process of biodiesel in air atmosphere and the activation energies were calculated.The results showed that the activation energy becomes greater as combustion reaction conversion increases.


biodiesel;combustion characteristics;dynamics


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