3D-DCT Based Zero-Watermarking for Medical Volume Data Robust to Geometrical Attacks


Jingbing Li1,a,Wencai Du1,b,Yong Bai1,c ,Yen-wei Chen2,d 1College of Information Science and Technology,Hainan University,Haikou 570228,China 2College of Information Science and Engineering,Ritsumeikan University,Kasatsu-shi 525-8577,Japan


This paper presents a method for robust watermarking of medical volume data using 3D-DCT. A feature vector of the volume data is utilized to enhance the robustness against rotation, scaling, translation, and cropping changes. The proposed algorithm utilizes the volume data’s feature, Hash function, the third party authentication. We describe how to obtain the feature vector of medical volume data and embed and extract the watermarking. Simulation results demonstrate the proposed algorithm’s robustness against rotation up to 30°, against scaling down to 20% of the image's original size, and against translation transform up to 10%.


3D-DCT; Digital watermarking; Medical volume data; Robust; Geometrical attacks


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