A Model of Survivable Storage System Based on Information Hiding


Qingjie Zhang1,Jianming Zhu1,Yiheng Wang1,School of Information,Central University of Finance and Economics,Beijing,P. R. China 100081


A new model of survivable storage system based on the information hiding, which is called SSSBIH, is presented in this paper, This SSSBIH model is derived from the PASIS model. SSSBIH model can make stored data more security than PASIS model. We design the information hiding function in client agent and describe its principle of work in this paper. Note that data tampering from internal intruders is difficult to be detected nowadays. The information hiding function can detect tampering whatever any user accesses the data. With threshold themes, our model can carry out effective recovery for tampered data. Our model also doesn’t need the history pool of the old data versions. This can save the storage space of storage nodes. At last, we give out an information hiding algorithm based on the discrete cosine transformation and make a simulation. In short, our model can enhance data credibility, survivability and security of a storage system.


survivable storage system, information hiding, intrusion diagnosis and recovery, discrete cosine transformation


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