A New Dynamic Spectrum Access Technology Based on the Multi-Features Model Clustering in the Cognitive Network


Jupeng Li,Zhenhui Tan,Houjin Chen,and Cheng Tao School of Electronics and Information Engineering,Beijing Jiaotong University,Haidian District ShangYuanCun 3. Beijing,China


In order to fully utilize the scarce spectrum resources, with the development of cognitive radio technologies, dynamic spectrum access becomes a promising approach to increase the efficiency of spectrum usage. In this paper, we consider the spectrum access in wireless networks with multiple selfish legacy spectrum holders and unlicensed users. In order to improve transmission quality for different cognitive users with various services in the cognitive network, a novel dynamic spectrum access technology based on multi-features model clustering is presented. After the model of the subchannels extracted, these channels are clustered into different spectrum pools using multi-objective clustering algorithm. These channels in white pools are priority to be accessed for cognitive users. Analysis and simulation results show that the access efficiency of channels can be improved for cognitive users.


Cognitive radio; multi-features model; spectrum pooling clustering; dynamic spectrum access


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