A Node-Grouping Superframe-Division MAC protocol for Smart Home Based on IEEE802.15.4 Protocol


Ganqing Ma,Chong Shen College of Information Science & Technology Hainan University,China


As an application of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Smart Home obtained fast development in recent years, and the researches for the Media Access Control (MAC) protocol are mainly focused on energy efficiency and consumption, which pay little attention on the access control of urgent information about the security and guard. To introduce urgent information priorities and reduce the cost of independent security information overhead, this paper proposes a node-grouping superframe-division MAC protocol based on IEEE802.15.4 MAC protocol. This protocol is designed for Smart Home applications, and focused on priority facility in an emergency. This modified protocol has good network performance, especially to the node with transmission priority. The simulation result indicates that the new protocol is better than the traditional IEEE802.15.4 MAC protocol in terms of packet delivery ratio, transmission delay, network throughput, and energy efficiency.


Smart Home; IEEE802.15.4 MAC protocol; Superframe-division; Priority


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