A Precoding Scheme to Improve performances of MIMO Systems


Zhang Zhenchuan1,Chen Bo1,and Luo Ting2 1. School of Information Science & Engineering,Northeastern University Shenyang 110004,China 2. Shenyang Radio and Television University Shenyang 110003,China


MIMO technology can be divided into two ways: based on the spatial multiplexing technique, such as VBLAST, and based on the launch diversity technology, such as STBC. This paper proposes a structure which mixes the two ways, that is STBC-VBLAST structure. In principle of minimizing pairerror probability, we design the precoding matrix of this system using the features beam molding algorithm. This proposal is suitable for TDD mode. It takes advantage of CSI to reduce error rate and increase capacity. Simulation results show that this algorithm could achieve remarkable effects, especially in low constellation dimension.


MIMO; Precoding; Features beam shaping


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