Algorithm Research of Top-Down Mining Maximal Frequent SubGraph Based on Tree Structure


Xiao Chen1,Chunying Zhang2,3,Fengchun Liu1,2,Jingfeng Guo3 1Qian’an College,Hebei United University,5096 Yanshan Road,064400 Qian’an,Hebei,China 2College of Science,Hebei United University,46 Xinhua Road,063009 Tang Shan,Hebei,China 3College of Information Science and Engineering,Yanshan University,438 Hebei Ave,066004 Qinhuangdao,Hebei,China


For the existence of problems with mining frequent subgraph by the traditional way, a new algorithm of top-down mining maximal frequent subgraph based on tree structure is proposed in this paper. In the mining process, the symmetry of graph is used to identify the symmetry vertex; determining graph isomorphism based on the attributed information of graph, the tree structure is top-down constructed and completed the calculation of support. Which is reduced the unnecessary operation and the redundant storage of graphs, and the efficiency of algorithm is improved. Experiments show that the algorithm is superior to the existing maximal frequent subgraph mining algorithms, without losing any patterns and useful information.


Maximal Frequent Subgraph; Top-Down; Graph Isomorphism; Tree Structure


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