Design of Wireless Sensor Networks Considering the Robustness of the Topology


Yu-Dong Tan ,Xiao-Qin Huang ,Ye Cai ,Yi Tan,An-Gang Chen College of Electrical and Information Engineering,Hunan University,ChangSha,410082 Hunan Province,China


In wireless sensor networks, the sensor nodes are facing the random failure and the selective attacks all the time, which will cause partial or even entire network disintegrating. How to control the failures resulted from random failure or the selective attacks has become a hot topic in recent years. In this paper, we applied three matching models of capacity on three common kinds of wireless sensor network topology, and each model developed a profit function to defense cascading failures. Performances of the proposed matching models of capacity are evaluated using computer simulations. By studying the relationship between network investment and robustness, we find that NM model can defend against cascading failures better and requires a lower investment cost when higher robustness is required .The network performance analysis and the simulation results indicated that it can improve network robustness and invulnerability which are particularly important for the design of networks after applying this algorithm in the wireless sensor network.


reliability, robustness, complex network, wireless sensor networks


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