Hardware Design of Aquaculture Water Quality Wireless Monitoring System


Ding Wen1,Ma Yinchi11,and Xi Weichao2 1 Beijing Fisheries Research Institute,Beijing,100068,China 2 Xi’an Yuan Zhi System Technology Co.,Ltd.,Xian,710077,China


Environmental monitoring of aquaculture for the current means of monitoring equipment and a weak infrastructure, relatively backward status quo, using wireless sensor technology, embedded computing technology, MEMS technology (MEMS), distributed information processing technology and wireless communication technology in one of the wireless network Sensor network environments for aquaculture digital, networked, intelligent real-time dynamic monitoring system. The system not only can the principal detection of aquaculture environment indicators (temperature, PH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ammonia, etc.) in real-time monitoring, but also able to detect indicators of data fusion and data mining to establish a history of aquaculture environmental monitoring indicators Database, monitoring data to achieve a local or remote, real-time, dynamic display and analysis, in order to improve the process of aquaculture, water resources utilization, improve the quality of the culture environment and reduce emissions of pollutants provides an important technical means and scientific basis . The hardware architecture design is the core technology of this system. We will detail this part in the article.


wireless sensor network, node, gateway, hardware platforms, aquaculture applications


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