High-voltage Equipment Monitoring System Based on IOT


Ye Cai,Xiao-Qin Huang,and JieHe College of Electrical and Information Engineering,Hunan University,ChangSha,410082 Hunan Province,China


The key to achieve intelligent is to introduce frontal information communication technology and integrate high-voltage equipment monitoring with the information system . High-voltage equipment system based on Internet of Things (IOT), including radio frequency technology, wireless sensor network and WISP environment monitoring technology, makes high-voltage equipment system,computer system and the network work together. It can realize the immediate response,analysis and control of the high-voltage equipment. This paper will lauch the research from following parts. First, it brings up a structural frame of high-voltage monitoring system based on the concept of IOT and characteristics of the high voltage equipment monitoring. Then main functions and core technology of the frane are introduced. Finally, the author elaborates the research problems and challenges of high-voltage equipment monitoring based on IOT from the aspects of the pivotal parts of IOT、simulation algorithms and security assessment.


Internet of Things (IOT); radio frequency technology; WISP; high voltage equipment


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