Modeling and Analysis of MU-CoMP HARQ in 3GPP LTE System Level Simulation


Yuan Gao1,Yi Li1 ,HongYi Yu2,ShiHai Gao2 1State Key Laboratory on Microwave and Digital Communications National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology,Tsinghua University,Beijing,China. 2Department of Communication Engineering Information Science and Technology Institute,Zhengzhou,China


In modern wireless mobile networks such as LTE and LTEAdvanced, performance of cell-edge users is in greet need to be improved. Coordinated multipoint transmission/reception is raised to solve the problem in 3GPP # bis 53meeting. In this paper, we present our design of (Multi-User) MU-HARQ transmission scheme in CoMP where previous studies on (SingleUser) SU-CoMP HARQ have already been submitted to ChinaCom 2011. In our design, a newly MU-HARQ transmission method is presented which will help improve target user throughput and total cell throughput under some conditions. This result is significant for 3GPP proposals.


multi-user; CoMP; HARQ; LTE System Level Simulation


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