Research on Smart Substation Equipment Condition Monitoring System based on Wireless Sensor Networks


Jie he,Xiaoqing huang,Yang yang College of electrical and information engineering,hunan university Changsha,410082 Hunan Province,China


Reference to characteristics of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) technology and the three-tier architecture of smart substation, the paper designs an on-line condition monitoring system of smart substation equipment based on WSNs. The system is designed as a hierarchical distributed structure and is divided into perception level, convergence level and application level. Then the paper proposed some of the key issues resolved in the design of monitoring system. These key issues include sensor node design, network topology, error handling, information management, network security, time-synchronized, integrating with substation communication network. It provides a new solution for improvement and optimization of substation equipment monitoring system and contributes to improving the running speed and flexibility.


wireless sensor networks; smart substation; on-line condition monitoring; hierarchical distributed architecture; key issues


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