Research on the ZigBee Network Protocol Intelligent Meter Reading System


Qi Xia,Chong Shen,Baodan Chen College of Information Science & Technology Hainan University,China


Wireless Sensor Network, WSN to the exchange of data with each other must have the appropriate wireless network protocols, wireless protocols difficult to adapt to the traditional low-cost wireless sensors, low power, high fault tolerance requirements. In this case, ZigBee protocol came into being. ZigBee is an emerging short-range, low complexity, low-speed, low power, low-cost wireless networking technology, mainly for short-range wireless connection. It is based on IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee protocol standards, in thousands of tiny sensors to achieve communication between the coordination. This background paper, based on ZigBee wireless meter reading system proposed routing algorithms and networking. In-depth analysis of several typical wireless sensor network routing protocols, through a network of some of the traditional routing algorithm feasibility, problems and improvement of, for the ZigBee standard in the meter reading system, designed for meter reading system Network routing algorithm, the test achieved the mesh point to point communication between modules[1].


automatic meter reading; wireless sensor network; ZigBee; routing


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