FOMR:Fair Opportunistic Multicast Routing Scheme for Wireless Mesh Networks


S.R.N.Reddy;Neha Singh;Riya Verma;Vandana Upreti;


Opportunistic routing has recently attracted much attention as it is considered to be a promising direction for improving the performance of wireless adhoc and sensor networks. It exploits the broadcast nature of the wireless network. Multicast is an important communication paradigm in wireless networks. The availability of multiple destinations in a multicast tree can make the selection of forwarder candidates, distributed coordination among them and related prioritization complicated. Thus far, little work has been done in this area. Selection of an appropriate metric is very important for designing the opportunistic routing scheme.In this paper, we propose an efficient multicast scheme based on opportunistic routing and network coding that uses STR as a metric. The mathematical analysis shows that STR based FOMR scheme always outperforms ETX based OM.


Opportunistic routing, multicast, network coding, metric


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