Performance of LDPC coded SFH System with Partial-Band Interference


Gong Chao1,Zhang YingXian2 and Zhang BangNing3,Guo DaoXing4 NO.2 in Biaoying Road,Street Yudao,Nanjing,Jiangsu


The application of Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) code in the anti-interference systems has drawn an increasing attention, due to its admiring performance which is very close to the theory limit. This paper focuses on a LDPC encoded slow frequency hopping (SFH) communication system with partial-band interference. Firstly, a modified soft-decision algorithm based on the utilization of interference information is proposed, and its performance is compared with some other soft-decision methods.Secondly, with numerical simulation, the influence of code rate, code length and the number of symbols per hops on the performance of the system with partial band noise interference is illustrated and examined in detail. Considering the great influence of hops per symbol on the performance, interleaver should be used and its influence on the performance is further examined by simulation. Finally, some constructive advices for the design of LDPC coded SFH system are given. Simulation results show that, with a reasonable design, the SFH system with LDPC code could achieve a desirable performance.


LDPC; SFH; soft-decision; partial-band interference


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