Research on the Interferometer Direction-finding and Positioning Improved Algorithm under the Influence of Ground-to-air Channel


Jianbo Yanga,Yan Wanga,and Hu Maob a Aviation Information Countermeasure Department,Aviation University of Airforce,Changchun,China b Telecommunication Engineering Academy Navigation Engineering,Air Force Engineering University,Xian,China


Based on analyses multipath fading of ground-to-air channel under different elevation angle circumstances, according to the characteristic and change range of ground-to-air channel Rice factor determining Weighted value, the direction-finding and positioning algorithm which airborne interferometer and spaceborne interferometer usually adopting is improved under the influence of different elevation angle ground-to-air channel, the simulation results have verified improvement algorithm validity in advancing positioning precision.


Ground-to-air channel; Direction-finding and positioning; Weighed value


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