Best Effort Traffic Uplink Transmission Performance Evaluation of an Integrated EPON/IPACT and WiMAX (OFDMA) Architecture


Hammad Yaqoob;Craig Michie;Ivan Andonovic;Kae Hsiang Kwong;David Chieng;Mazlan Abbas;


A performance analysis has been undertaken for best effort uplink traffic within an integrated EPON and WiMAX OFDMA architecture. Although studies into this type of integration have been reported, a rigorous analysis has not been carried out in integrating EPON with WiMAX with mobility. The paper describes the last mile problem, EPON and WiMAX. Also an integration approach will be presented and analysed in the paper in the form of average delay, throughput and packet loss.


Ethernet Passive Optical Network; WiMax; OFDMA; MAC; Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation


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