Preliminary design of Backplate for Chinese HC-SB TBM


Hu Gang~* Southwestern Institute of Physics,Chengdu,610041,P.R.China


<正>Backplate of Chinese HC-SB TBM not only distributes coolant helium or purge gas to TBM's components but also provide support for submodules.There are two manifold systems in Backplate:He coolant and purge gas manifold systems connected to cooling system and tritium extraction system.Using Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)simulation,several possible manifold schemes with different internal structures are studied and suitable ones are chosen to govern flow rate and pressure distribution in manifold systems.And then basic structure for these manifolds and manifold systems are given.Based on former work,preliminary design is drwan out for Backplate.Stress analyses will focus on the plate between helium manifold and purge gas manifold because it not only suffer 7.9MPa but also support 12 submodules.The results show that preliminary design of backplate can meet TBM's requirements




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