Characterization of the CuCrZr alloy and the Cu/ss joints for ITER first wall


D.H.Liu~(1*) J.H.Wu~1 P.F.Zheng~1 D.S.Yan~2 J.M.Chen~1 1 Southwestern Institute of Physics,P.O.Box 432,Chengdu 610041,China 2 Institute of Metal Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Shenyang,China


<正>As the ITER first wall material,Gu-alloy should satisfy the ITER specification for the material. The alloy would be influenced not only by thermo-mechanical process but also by the neutron radiation.It is thus necessary to study the effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the alloy.Besides,as a heat sink material,the alloy would be bond to a support back plate of 316LN steel in the FW panel.Mockups of Cu/ss joints have been fabricated by a hot isostatic pressing(HIP)process.The interface needs to characterize to understand the bonding mechanism.


ITER;Characterization of the CuCrZr alloy and the Cu/ss joints for ITER first wall;Cu;


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